Innovative And Adaptive Leadership For 40 Years

Visantis Healthcare Services has provided executive leadership for large health systems and hospitals to develop a more advanced strategic Supply Chain. The following represents successful client engagements over the past 20 years delivering significant financial and operational improvements:

Financial Results

  • 3 year implemented savings – $34 million | An Idaho based eight hospital systems with $2.4 billion in annual revenues.
  • 2 year implemented savings – $30 million | A Wisconsin based Shared Service Organization for a 15 multi-hospital system with $2.2 billion in annual revenues.
  • 5 year implemented savings – $6.8 million | A West Virginia hospital with $160 million in annual revenues.
  • 14 month implemented savings – $2.4 million | A Pennsylvania hospital with $200 million in annual revenues.
  • 1 year implemented savings – $1.9 million | A new North Carolina 14 hospital alliance with combined annual revenues of $3.2 billion.

Operational Improvement

Through an initial assessment we make recommendations that support the health systems and hospitals’ mission and vision. We work with Executives, Management and Clinical leadership to create a robust Supply Chain strategy with measurable goals, objectives and implementation plans. This collaboration with health systems and hospitals teams and Visantis Healthcare Services assures delivery of the financial targets and leaves the organizations with the knowledge and proven processes to sustain the documented benefits and continuously improve operations and the bottom line.



Support for Organizations and Systems Across the Country

We have provided consulting support to improve processes  from the Mid-Atlantic to the great Northwest, throughout the Great Lakes states, in Appalachia and the Southeast.  We will work with you to deliver operational success to your organization, wherever you call home.