We assess the current state of your organization or area of responsibility and assist you in developing a strategic plan and detail an operational plan to implement your strategic decisions.

The strategic planning process focuses on your mission, addressing the purpose of your organization, the people it serves and the services it offers. The core of this process is the articulation of strategic directions—those major programs and policy directives that drive the work.  For each strategic direction, we develop metrics for the strategic initiatives—key activities designed to realize full implementation and success.

In operational planning, we help you develop new programs and processes that work within the established culture. We concentrate on the implementation of your strategic plan, identifying the processes, techniques, and tools to improve existing practices.


  • Interim Executive Management
  • Strategic Assessment and Planning
  • System and Operational Improvements
  • Supply Chain Management Consulting
  • Clinical Process Improvement
  • Specialty Projects
  • Shared Service Organization Models


Experience, Not Just Theory

We have seasoned practitioners with extensive experience in healthcare, engaged throughout the country. They will work with your team to deliver solutions geared for your system’s success.